The work that I do is very sacred to me and I am honoured and feel blessed every day to be able to do what I do. My work comes from a deep place of love, service, and the desire to create a life worth living.

My great grandparents (both grandfather & grandmother) read tarot and palms, my grandmother was taught to read both and so I was taught. This lead me to taking  a hypnotherapy course and obtaining my yoga teacher certification. It has been a journey of self-acceptance and I have had to learn to move past any judgement thrown my way.

Today I  am a shadow worker, tarot reader, yoga teacher and self-care enthusiast who believes we all have the power to transform our lives and turn it into our biggest masterpiece.

Should you have been called here to explore or to work through any area of your life whether it be love, money, career, generational healing, know that this is a safe place free of judgment.

All areas of this work are confidential and anything shared with me is sacred. While sharing and working together to heal and grow  we have essentially created a sacred bond by which I am bound to secrecy, that which you share with me. It is important to note this, because just as any other line of work that has to do with human relations, confidentiality is a core piece of what I do. You should feel confident that what you discuss one on one with me will be securely kept within.

My readings aim to help you to come to a place of power within your own life and circumstances. Understanding the role you play in the creation of your reality and destiny. We explore deeply all of the possibilities, options, emotions and develop a concrete action plan moving forward. It is a “holding space” for you in the most ceremonial way. Each reading is conducted like a sacred meeting and the moments leading up to it are filled with me preparing by lighting candles, smudging, calling in the energy and creating protection of white love and light. We will dive deep and uncover the true nature of the current situation. When I read it is a combination of tarot – energy work & automatic writing. We do have a variety of other readers and I do suggest you read their profile as well to really see who you feel energetically pulled towards.

As a practicing witch I also offer custom spell work, manifestation, custom candle magick with candle lit by me on the in-studio altar for 7 Tuesday’s in a row, handmade healing & metaphysical items and a variety of courses & workshops.

You will find tarot reading offers, workshops, 3-month intensives, video series and audio recordings ALL for you. Step into your highest good, your Goddess energy, the divine purpose for your life and thrive.

  • Carlee.